Senior Penetration Tester

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In het kort

Can you lead complex IT penetration tests and red teaming exercises? Can you perform OT-assessments and penetration tests for critical infrastructure companies?Are you an enthusiastic leader in your field, who can be an example for the whole team? Yes…Then read about this job!

Over de functie

What does a Senior Penetration Tester do?

Our client Thales Cyber Defense is looking for a Senior Penetration Tester. In this role you will be joining their Red Team. In the Red Team, you will be responsible for at least the following tasks:

  • Lead complex IT penetration tests and red teaming exercises;
  • Perform OT-assessments and penetration tests for critical infrastructure companies;
  • Improve our monitoring services by working closely with the blue team (Purple Teaming);
  • Become a point of contact for our customers;
  • Be an enthusiastic leader in your field and be an example for the whole team!
  • Be a buddy and mentor to our junior & medior colleagues;
  • Give (technical) presentations to the customers and your own team (Tech talks);
  • Help writing winning proposals and support the entire sales process.

What do you bring?

A hacker is someone who thinks outside the box. It’s someone who experiments with the limitations and wonders what’s beyond. It’s someone who, when told things work in a certain way, immediately asks what happens if you do something else. A hacker is someone who breaks the rules to see what happens out of curiosity.

This is you. “Hacker” is a mindset, you are a hacker.

What's in it for you?

  • An opportunity to join a team that wants to become the best cybersecurity team;
  • A team that will grow rapidly in the coming years with lots of opportunities for you;
  • Exciting and challenging projects for the critical infrastructure sector and defense clients;
  • Room for and attention to personal development and personal initiative;
  • The opportunity to grow within the organization, for instance on a technical, managerial, commercial or international level;
  • An open and flexible work environment where a good work-life balance is considered important;
  • Excellent work conditions, with 40 holidays a year, among other benefits.

About the organization

Thales Cyber Defense is an engineering company that for almost a century designs, builds and maintains mission critical information systems for defense, space, aerospace, transport and communications. In these critical areas you can’t afford to fail so they always deliver.

When an organization engages with Thales Cyber Defense, they will strategize, improve and augment their defenses against any cyber-attack. To keep organizations ready and alert for all threat scenario’s Thales Cyber Defense will regularly simulate attacks to build their resilience. They encrypt and safeguard access to mission critical data, they gather threat intelligence and monitor both IT and OT environments to detect attacks timely and then respond decisively. Not only to prevent or minimize the damage but also to help the organization evolve to a higher level of cyber resilience, accelerating digital transformation with trust and confidence.

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